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VMSHL Girls-Only Division

The Valley Middle School Hockey League is creating a Girls-Only Division for the 2016-17 season. Please click here to be notified when registration opens.

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VJW Alum & North Reading Native Casey Fitzgerald Drafted by the Buffalo Sabres

Casey Fitzgerald, a North Reading native, who played his youth career for the Valley Jr. Warriors was drafted in the third round by the Buffalo Sabres.

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Spring League Round Ups!

Spring League Roundups & Players of the Week have been published through the week of June 5th! We had a fantastic week of Playoffs and will post the remainder of the season and playoff roundups soon! Stay tuned!

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VHL All Star East Squirts Are the Champions!

The VHL All Star Squirt Championship was won by the #1 East with an 9-0 win over the #2 North!

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VHL All Star North Mites Are the Champions!

The VHL All Star Mite Championship was won by the #2 North with an 8-4 win over the #1 South!

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2015-2016 All Star Championships

Visit our 2016-2017 All Star section for more information about the VHL All Star program.

Watch Valley League Games Live & On-Demand


LiveBarn is LIVE at the Valley Forum Rinks (Haverhill, Malden and Lawrence).  LiveBarn provides online broadcasts of hockey games at our venues – both live and via on-demand replay.  This allows Friends and Family to watch online when they cannot attend a game — and athletes and coaches have the benefit of reviewing their games and sharing video highlights online. 

Livebarn is available via a monthly subscription basis for either \$12.95 or \$24.95/month with a 14-day free trial option available.  Use the Valleys's promotional code d9da-1306 for a 10% discount.

While viewing on-demand, you can SHARE 30-second highlights via social media and email (standard account) or DOWNLOAD 30-minute clips and store up to 30 hours of content per month (premium accounts only).  

More information about this service can be found at www.livebarn.com.  Please direct all technical questions or feedback directly to Livebarn.


1.  Create a LiveBarn account using the VHL Promo Code (d9da-1306)

**Premium account needed for downloading, standard account for sharing**

2. Search for your rink (Haverhill, Malden or Lawrence).

3. Select Live to begin watching live action or On Demand for past games or to share/download clips.

4.  For On Demand, select date and time. 

5.  Select date and time for On Demand.

6. Pause the video at the time you would like the 30 second clip to stop.

7.  Select which social media you would like to share to.

8.  Share the provided link (including personal message if you like).

9. To download, pause the video, select download, press both download buttons that appear and your 30 minute video will download to your computer.  To download a full game, download multiple half hour sections.

ex. for a 9:40AM game, select the 9:30, 10:00 and 10:30 incremements, start the video, press pause and the both download buttons and the entire game will be stored on your computer.


No Room for Bullies

Its another school year, new classmates and new teammates.

It's an exciting time if you are in high school. Every day, every class, practice or game is a new adventure. You reconnect with returning friends and welcome new members to your team. Will you welcome them with dignity and respect? Will you remember how intimidated you felt on your first day in high school or first practice with the team? Leaders stoop to make others feel included and part of the team or group.

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Spring League - Week Ending June 19


Isaac Tavares - Wildcats


Hudson - Stars>


Owen Bedrosian - Tigers


Brandon Bailey - Stars


Andrew Mezza - Ice Men

2016-17 All Stars