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Valley Hockey League
TSR Play of the Week - Jan 14th, 2024

Play of the Week - SMS Devils, Jacob Knowles sees Mitch Amico flying up the middle of the ice. He hits Amico with a tape-to-tape pass. Amico carries the puck wide into the offensive zone and dishes the puck behind the back to Knowles who one-times it in.

Honorable Mention - After turning away a point-blank shot, Caleb Hoban slides over to stop a quick shot off the rebound. Caleb gets knocked over as he battles an attacking player for the puck. As a pass goes to a wide-open shooter in the slot, Caleb recovers for a kick save,. Without his stick, Caleb is able to block a 4th shock before the puck is finally cleared.

Honorable Mention - Teddy Tighe of Winchester Squirt 2 carries the puck into the offensive zone dekeing around two defenders and finishing with a between-the-legs goal.

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