Bantam - Week Ending Feb. 26



Arlington won twice. Justin Sensale pitched a shutout, No. 30 set up all three goals, John Hourican scored twice and Matt Loosian had a goal and an assist in a 3-0 victory over Winchester – and Gavin Simpopoulos’s second goal of the game, 23 seconds into the third period, to give Maine a 2-2 tie with Arlington.




Belmont and Reading both all won twice and Triboro and Andover both posted a win and a tie. Daniel Finn wore the hat, Marco Santagati had 2-1-3, Declan Harrington 1-1-2, Bob Dolan two assists and Nice Cecere the shutout in Belmont’s big win over Lexington/Bedford – and Justin Rocha scored twice and Harrington had two assists in a 6-2 victory over Wellesley; Colin Fogarty set up two goals and Andrew Daley scored what turned out to be the winner in the second period as Reading edged Wellesley 4-3, Will McGraw with 1-2-3 in the loss – and Kevin Donaghey scored twice and Fogarty had two assists in a 5-2 win over Lexington/Bedford, Mateo Cappuccio with two assists in the loss; No. 4 scored what turned out to be the winner in the first period of Triboro’s 4-1 win over Chelmsford – and Andrew Hadden scored with 25 seconds left and Cam Calocci scored twice as Triboro pulled out a 3-3 tie with Concord, Tyler Coskren with 1-2-3 and Noah Drew 1-1-2 for Concord; Giggy pitched a shutout and MacDonald and Kobelski both posted 1-1-2 in Andover’s 2-0 win over North Andover – and Drew Fietze and Luke Vaccaro  scored late goals to give Andover a 2-2 tie with the Sharks, who scored their goals in the second period.


In the other game, No. 11 scored with 34 seconds left to give Chelmsford a 2-2 tie with Greater Lowell.




Waltham won twice in the North. Ryland Thomas and Anthony Bitsoli both scored one goal and set up two others and Keith Ricci scored twice in a 6-2 victory over Medford – and Jack Perry pitched a shutout and Mike Boschetto scored in the second period of a 3-0 victory over the Crusaders; Anestis wore the hat and Winsman pitched a shutout as Acton-Boxboro downed Danvers 4-0; No. 10 had a goal and two assists and Hudson Durant scored twice in Stoneham’s 6-1 win over Winchester; McComiskey’s second goal of the game, with 53 seconds left, gave Woburn a 2-2 tie with Winchester – Alden Martin with assists on both goals for Winchester; Matt Reneau and Matt Marois both posted 1-1-2 as the Crusaders downed Needham 6-2; No. 24 snapped a 1-1 tie with 35 seconds left in the second period as Newton trimmed South Boston 3-1; No. 55 and Mike Ayers scored 2:12 apart late in the first period as Agawam topped Woburn 3-1; Tom Vaziri scored twice and Owen Brady had 1-1-2 in Parkway’s 6-2 victory over Somerville – No.9 with two assists in the loss; Jack Tenhope pitched a shutout and Cole Johnson had 1-1-2 in Beverly’s 3-0 win over Winchester; and Tyler Robinson scored twice as Danvers nipped Woburn 3-1.


Wakefield won twice and Framingham had a win and a tie in the East. Jared Green scored what turned out to be the winner with seven minutes left as Wakefield edged Burlington 3-2 – and Green scored what proved to be the winner with 7:56 left and Vachon posted 1-1-2 in a 6-5 decision over Methuen, Ethan Schena with three assists and AJ Marinelli and Nate Ricddell 1-1-2 apiece in the loss; Tom Casale scored twice, Joe Martell had 1-1-2 and Tyler Barry and Jack Hansberry shared the shutout in Framingham’s 4-0 victory over Newton – and Casale, who also had an assist, scored the tying goal with 2:10 left and Tyler Hill also had 1-1-2 as Framingham pulled out a 3-3 tie with Hyde Park; Kaplan, who also had an assist, scored the winner 17 seconds into the third period as SMS edged Melrose 2-1; Slater Franks set up two goals as Medfield topped Wellesley 3-0; Sebastian Zeman wore the hat and Dylan Jillson had two assists as the Cyclones defeated Newton 5-0; Griffin Moulton scored with one second left to give Dedham a 2-1 decision over Dorchester; and Dave Conrad scored with 30 seconds left to give Waltham a 4-4 tie with Newton – Ethan Boudreau with 1-1-2 for Waltham and Jeremiah Poole and Pete Delmonico 1-1-2 apiece for Newton.


The Demons, Concord-Carlisle and Andover all won twice in the East. Tyler Morse, who also had an assist, snapped a 2-2 tie with 9:18 left as the Demons trimmed the Starhawks 4-2 – and Dante D’Avanzo and Jamie Kennally shared the shutout and Nate Morrissey scored early in a 2-0 victory over Triboro; Hugo Saario and Cole Wagner both posted 1-1-2 and Mihir Singh came within 3:27 of a shutout as Concord-Carlisle downed the Sharks 4-1 – and Peter Cook snapped a 1-1 tie early in the second period of a 4-1 victory over the Crusaders; Danny Roughan wore the hat, Kevin DeMichaelis posted 2-1-3, Conan Keefe had 1-2-3 and Nolan Shirmer 1-1-2 in Andover’s 7-1 win over Concord – and PJ Reming came through with two goals and two assists, Keefe had 1-2-3 and DeMichaelis 1-1-2 in a 5-2 victory over Wilmington – Anthony Bowker with assists on both goals in the loss; Monahan snapped a 1-1 tie with 3:58 left as Lynnfield/Saugus trimmed Concord 3-1; Noah Cannon clicked for 2-1-3, Sam Rumelhart had 1-2-3 and Chris Westgate scored what turned out to be the winner with 5:18 left as Maine edged Waltham 5-4 – Oran Gelinas with two goals and Dave Armstrong and Jack Pothier 1-1-2 apiece in the loss; Sam Schiffman, who also had an assist, scored what turned out to be the winner with 8:04 left, and Ryan Harper and Ben Hamaan both delivered 1-2-3 as Triboro topped the Crusaders 6-4 – S. Tenney with 1-2-3 and Stone 1-1-2 in the loss; and Holden Lee came within 1:57 of a shutout and Derek Peterson and Tom Kennedy scored in the second period of Nashoba’s 2-1 win over NH East.


Everett/Revere, Chelmsford, Amesbury and Framingham all won twice, Cape Ann and Newburyport won a game and tied each other and Twin City and the Sharks did the same in the West. Kyle Lacroix, who had two goals and an assist, snapped a 3-3 tie with 6:37 left and No. 50 scored twice as Everett/Revere downed Reading 5-3 – and Brendan Currie scored two late goals for a 4-2 win over Haverhill/Pentucket; No. 21 scored twice, Tom O’Neill had 1-1-2 and Ben Hogan two assists in Chelmsford’s 4-2 victory over Acton-Boxboro – and Charlie Holt had 1-1-2 late in the first period and Hogan scored what turned out to be the winner in that first as Chelmsford edged Acton-Boxboro 2-1; Mikey Rybicki delivered 2-1-3 and Bryson Vater had two assists in Amesbury’s 4-1 win over Hollis – and Tre Gaeta snapped a 1-1 tie with 1:41 left in a 3-1 triumph over North Andover; Nick Novello scored with 6:58 left to give Framingham a 2-1 decision over Parkway – and Connaughton had 1-1-2 in a 3-2 win over Acton-Boxboro, No. 25 with both goals in the loss; Alex Cusumano had 1-2-3 and Frew Rowen scored twice as Cape Ann downed NH East 4-2, Liam Martin with 1-1-2 in the loss; Tyler Foley clicked for 2-1-3, Tom Bugler had 1-2-3, Ryan Brennan also posted two assists and Cole Olson pitched a shutout in Newburyport’s 7-0 victory over Danvers – and Mike Habib scored with 37 seconds left to give Newburyport a 2-2 tie with Cape Ann, Andrew Arnold with two assists for Newburyport and Rowen both goals for Cape Ann; Zach Sidilau pitched a shutout and Lucas Flagg scored early in Twin City’s 2-0 win over Chelmsford; Splaine scored twice in a three-goal first-period rally over 4:13 as the Sharks edged Parkway 3-2 – and Berkio scored the tying goal with 5:38 left and No. 4 assisted on both goals as Twin City pulled out a 2-2 tie with the Sharks; Adam Berg scored four goals, Cole Kennedy had two assists and Tim O’Sullivan pitched a shutout in Wellesley’s 5-0 victory over Billerica; Brady Ford dished out four assists, Nick Beane wore the hat, including two goals in 19 seconds, and Robbie Braccia scored two goals in 20 seconds as NH East downed Lynn 6-2; and Logan Richardson, who also had an assist, snapped a 2-2 tie with 5:12 left as Danvers trimmed Reading 4-2.




Winthrop and Needham both won twice in the North. Anthony Indrisano pitched a pair of shutouts for Winthrop as Ken Streeter scored early in a 1-0 victory over the Edge – and Desplaines had a goal and an assist and Vecchio two assists in a 3-0 win over Stoneham; Tom Lucey wore the hat and had an assist in Needham’s 7-1 victory over SMS – and Chris Kajunski scored what turned out to be the winner with 4:09 remaining in a 3-2 decision over Lexington/Bedford; Nick Novinger and Brady Little both had a goal and two assists as the Crusaders downed Natick 5-0; Charles Murphy wore a natural hat, Kyle Flecke scored twice, Evan Scully had 1-1-2 and Nick Hoban and Matt Granahan both posted two assists as SMS defeated the Crusaders 8-2; Chris Mucci wore the hat and added an assist, Chris Cummings scored twice and Darren Ackerman and Ryan Mosscrop shared the shutout in Groton’s 6-0 triumph over the Crusaders; Chris Olsen scored two goals in 22 seconds, Aiden Griffin also scored twice, Bill MacLean had 1-1-2 and Aiden Fecteau had two assists in Arlington’s 6-3 victory over Natick –- Pete Lengal with 1-1-2 in the loss; Ed Towlson posted 1-2-3, Ryan Smith had 1-1-2, Kevin Higgins had two assists and Bob Leblanc and Will Pegnam pitched a shutout in NH East’s 6-0 win over the Crusaders; and Marco Cerbone wore the hat and Danny Saunders had 1-1-2 as Andover topped Stoneham 4-1.


In the South, Horgan scored twice and Jones and Kagan both posted a goal and an assist in Agawam’s 7-3 victory over Melrose – Maguire earing the hat for all three Melrose goals; Henry Grill wore the hat and had an assist, Charlie Brodigan had two goals and two assists and Cieran Britton and No. 8 both had 1-1-2 in Belmont’s 8-3 win over Marblehead; Mike Cormier assisted on Mark O’Neil’s goal and then scored two third-period goals as Waltham edged Triboro 4-3 – Sean Pothier with three assists and Anthony Pepi had 1-1-2 in the win and Joey Lemoine 1-2-3 and Desmond O’Reilly two goals in the loss; and Matt Park and Nico Martinez scored late to give Arlington a 3-1 victory over Melrose.


Dorchester won twice in the East. Sean Hobbs scored two goals and added an assist, scoring the winner with 8:11 left in a 4-3 decision over Woburn, Konnor Reybitz with a goal and an assist in the loss – and Ryan Melia pitched a shutout in a 4-0 triumph over Winchester; Zach Clasby wore the hat and had an assist, Nick Brancatto had a goal and two assists and Owen Renehan two assists in Dedham’s 7-3 victory over Framingham; Tereau wore a late hat over 4:19, scoring the winner with 1:30 left to give Wellesley a 5-4 decision over Waltham – Kohnen with 1-1-2 and Kelleher two assists in the win and Trent Fucci 2-1-3, Anthony Pepi 1-2-3 and Andrew Arena 1-1-2 in the loss; Matt LaPoire scored with 3:22 left in the second period and then again with 47 seconds remaining in the game, Louis Sandonato with assists on both, as Wakefield rallied for a 2-2 tie with Winchester – Brendan Gill and William Bartlett with 1-01-2 apiece for Winchester; Chris Regan wore the hat and had an assist and Josh Dube pitched a shutout in Burlington’s 7-0 victory over Wakefield; Tyler Smith scored twice and Ryan Powell scored what turned out to be the winner with 10:32 left as the Sharks got by the Edge 4-3 – Jake Sullivan with 1-1-2 in the loss; Peyton Kilmartin scored the winner and Sean Parinello had 1-1-2 as the Outlaws rallied for three late goals and trimmed the Sharks 3-1; and Paolo Calvo snapped a 1-1 tie with 6:36 left in the second period as Framingham topped Dedham 4-1.


Beverly had two wins and a tie and Wilmington a win and a tie, the tie against Beverly, in the West. Cam Avila wore the hat and Jake Desmond scored twice in a 7-3 victory over Haverhill/Pentucket; Connor Pelletier with two goals and Sean Doherty two assists in the loss; William Pollock wore the hat in a 7-3 win over Medford, Max Pacheco with two goals and George Bova two assists in the loss – Brady Robbins and Brendan Kelly both posted 1-1-2 and Shane Roberts two assists in Wilmington’s 3-1 win over Somerville -- and Tristan Goroshko was in goal for Beverly and Andrew Kass for Wilmington in a 0-0 tie; Yore had a goal and an assist in a three-goal second-period rally as Somerville edged Medford 3-2; No. 18 scored with 1:46 left to give the Starhawks a 2-1 decision over Shrewsbury – Trevor Lewis with assists on both goals in the win; Fowkes scored twice, Colleran had 1-1-2 and Wilson two assists as Hyde Park topped Needham 5-2 – Stewart Adams with both goals and Sam Williams two assists in the loss; and Brooks Heymann pitched a shutout and Evan Hauck had 1-1-2 as SMS defeated Needham 3-0.


Twin City and Parkway both won twice and Chelmsford had a win and a tie in the Central. Sam Babeau wore the hat and Josh Vitone had three assists in Twin City’s 4-3 victory over Tewksbury, Zanderman and Whelan with 1-1-2 in the loss – and Cole Swanson and Vitone both posted 2-1-3 in a 6-1 win over Reading; Gullage pitched a shutout a shutout and Gaffney scored twice in Parkway’s 3-0 victory over Lexington/Bedford – and O’Brien posted 2-1-3 and Tobin and Gaffney both scored twice in a 7-2 triumph over Acton-Boxboro; Ryan Gifford scored twice, Andrew McMillan had two assists and Chelmsford scored all four goals in a 6:12 span of the first period in a 4-2 victory over the Crusaders – and Ryan McInnis scored with 7:01 left to give Chelmsford a 1-1 tie with Concord-Carlisle – Eli Hill with a go-ahead goal for C-C 2:12 before McInnis re-tied it; Ragucci scored with 1:01 left to give Tewksbury a 2-2 tie with Methuen – Cody Morin with both goals for Methuen; Sam MacDougal and Ben Bogie both wore hats, MacDougal adding two assists as Dedham topped Parkway 6-3 – John Holland with a goal and two assist in the loss; Crane and No. 68 scored late in the second period as Dorchester edged Brookline 2-1; Griffin Bond wore the hat, Nick Davidson had a goal and two assists and Matt Moylan also posted two assists in Newton’s 7-4 win over NH East – Seth Crampsey with 2-1-3, Pete Ropelewski 1-1-2 and Dan Jacques two assists in the loss; Erik Williamson clicked for 2-1-3 and Malcolm MacDonald had two assists as Belmont defeated the Outlaws 5-2 – Nathan Page and John Todd with 1-1-2 apiece in the loss; and McNeely scored with 3:28 left to give Natick a 2-1 decision over the Outlaws.   


-- MIKE SHALIN, mshalin@valley-associates.com


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